Qisahn.com Policy

Like most big electronic firms, we track warranty by serial numbers and warranty seals instead of receipts or warranty cards. Receipts and warranty cards are often misplaced by end users and thus leads to voiding of warranty. Our warranty scheme is designed to offer you genuine protection instead of exploiting your carelessness.
We have remained true to our warranty promises and dutifully serviced every console under warranty. We have never had a complain about our warranty service since we started offering this service on 1st September 2007.
Easy to Understand
Unlike our competitors, our warranty coverage is identical to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has any lesser known clause, we highlight the term to the customer before sales. As we do not bundle the cost of warranty into our products (evident from our significantly lower price), warranty backed by Qisahn.com usually costs a small fee. We call this our Full Warranty.
Extended Coverage
Extended warranty is available for purchase for selected consoles. Under this plan, you are covered by Qisahn for an extended period of time, under the same conditions from the manufacturers. For out of warranty consoles bought from us, we genuinely charge only part costs. We call this our Lifetime Service Warranty and offer it free with all consoles purchased from us.
We do not engage in unlawful acts that can jeopardize our business. Many independent retailers supplement their income through sale of copyright infringing articles. Companies caught breaking the law can be forced to by authorities to close at any point in time. We do not do that. We will be around to service your console should the need arise.

Agent Policy

Agent warranty refers to warranty covered by the authorized agent. The bulk of warranty liability lies with the agent but we will offer limited coverage for our customers.
Testing on the spot
We now have a mandatory testing policy for all consoles. It would be better if you gave us the time to explain to you all the aspects of your brand new console. We will undertake a thorough test and that you bring home a 100% working set. We will not be giving any exchanges after the test has been successfully completed as warranty claims will now be direct with the agent.
Liaising service for warranty claims
If for any reason you are unable to make direct warranty claims with the distributor for a product under warranty, please bring the faulty product back to our shop. We will do the liaising for you at no charge. Allow us extra time as we need to transport the product to and from the distributor.