HORI Pokeball Plus Special Protective Case and Protective Bag set


Product Description

  • Special protective case prevents the Poke Ball Plus from being scratched and damaged.
  • The protective bag can be loaded with the Poke Ball Plus with a protective case for easy carrying and out.

"Special Protective Case and Protective Bag set"

  • Special protective case: After the protective case is installed, it can prevent the sprite ball from inadvertently falling, scratches and damage caused by collision, and the ball can be used with peace of mind.
  • It can be used even when a protective case is attached to the Poke Ball Plus type charging stand manufactured by our company.
  • Protection bag: Convenient cloth bag. Can be hung on the bag and buckle.
  • The opening of the protective bag is large and it is easy to remove the Poke Ball Plus.
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