Kuji - My Hero Academia Fight On!



Product Description

Kuji tickets purchased ONLINE will be revealed LIVE on our Facebook (@qisahn) to preserve the authenticity of winnings. To ensure fairness to all kuji players, all orders need to be paid within 15 mins. 

Next FB Live Schedule: TBC
Tickets remaining: 53/80
Prize A: Midoriya Masterlise Figure ~Motion (1/2)
Prize B: Bakugou Masterlise Figure ~Motion (1/2)
Prize C: Midoriya Masterlise Figure ~Stillness (1/1)
Prize D: Bakugou Masterlise Figure ~Stillness (1/1)
Prize E: Hand Towel (20/26)
Prize F: Rubber Strap (18/26)
Prize G: Chokkorin Figure (16/22)
Last Prize: Bakugou Masterlise Figure

Last updated: 5 Apr 2023

If orders are not collected within 3 months prizes will be forfeited.

Delivery Details
In the event that a prize won is of bulky nature, an additional shipping fee may apply. We will contact such cases separately. We ship internationally too. 

Important Note
• Payment for Kuji orders is non-refundable/non-transferrable.
• Kuji Online Orders not paid within 15 minutes will be canceled, including pre-orders.
• Self-draw are not allowed for online orders as these orders will be revealed live on our Facebook page (qisahn). Prizes with a different types of designs such as Keychains, Towels, etc will be chosen randomly during Live.
• Strictly no refunds, including no holds or reservations for Kuji Online Orders.