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Product Description

Kuji tickets purchased ONLINE will be revealed LIVE on our Facebook (@qisahn) to preserve the authenticity of winnings. To ensure fairness to all kuji players, all orders needs to be paid within 15 mins. 

Next FB Live Schedule:
March 2021 - 5:30pm (Wed)

Tickets remaining: 24/90
Prize A: Illustration Board - 0/2
Prize B: Illustration Board - 0/2 
Prize C: Illustration Board - 0/2 
Prize D: Illustration Board - 0/2
Prize E: Plush - 2/2
Prize F: Plush - 0/2
Prize G: Plush - 1/2
Prize H: Acrylic Stand - 0/6
Prize I: Notebook - 6/12
Prize J: Folder Set - 2/16
Prize K: Rubber Strap - 5/14
Prize L: Rubber Strap - 8/28
Last Prize: Plush Set

Last update: 8 Jan 2021

Delivery Details
In the event that a prize won is of bulky nature, additional shipping fee may apply. We will contact such cases separately. We ship internationally too. 

Important Note
• Payment for Kuji orders are non-refundable/non-transferrable.
• Kuji Online Orders not paid within 15 minutes will be cancelled, including pre-orders.
• Self-draw are not allowed for online orders as these orders will be revealed live on our Facebook page (qisahn). Prizes with different type of designs such as Keychains, Towels etc will be chosen randomly during Live.
• Strictly no refunds, including no holds or reservations for Kuji Online Orders.

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