Anima Gate of Memories Arcane Edition



Product Description

Language: English

The Anima saga is an RPG of action in third person.
The player must explore a vast world full of dangers and wonders.
Now you can live both stories in this wonderful pack that includes Anima Gate Of Memories and Anima Gate Of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles
Enter this exciting plot, putting yourself in the skin of "The Carrier" and "The Nameless" and re-live the fight that these two characters have in the shadows that will decide the destiny of the world.

  • Deep story, where your actions and decisions will influence the journey and decide the fate of the characters.
  • Epic battles, you will challenge legendary Bosses with their special characteristics 
  • Combat system that combines elements of RPG with frenetic action fighting hand to hand and use powerful spells.
  • An open world where you can move with total freedom can discover everything that hides.
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