Azure Striker Gunvolt 3



Product Description

Rather than separate playable characters as Gunvolt and Copen were in Gunvolt 2, Kirin is the default character and can switch over to Gunvolt under certain circumstances. When not in play GV follows her in a sealed kirin/wolf-like state, and saves her should she fall into any pits, with Kirin reappearing on nearby solid ground. When GV is in play Kirin disappears and her staff sword floats behind GV.

Official descriptions: New star Kirin is skilled with a blade, focusing on quick sword fighting and throwing enchanted talismans to weaken enemies. She can close any gap and destroy foes instantly with her powerful “Arc Chain” ability, the ultimate combination of mobility with a satisfying finishing blow.

Gunvolt’s classic gameplay returns as you tag enemies with darts to lock-on for powerful electric attacks. But that’s not all; Gunvolt also brings new show-stopping Voltaic Arts! Rip through enemies with his “Spark Dash” or use his “Lightning Assault” to instantly warp with a lightning strike—and more.

Kirin can parry attacks with her sword and possesses Prevasion. GV's Flashfield makes a return in gameplay. His Crashbolt has been upgraded so that it releases a destructive trail of lightning bolts aimed at both sides of the screen.

Gunvolt possesses extreme power and has no HP bar, but his appearance is limited and dependent on how much of the energy bar Kirin builds up before switching. Just being in play causes the meter to slowly drain, and attacking drains it faster. Reaching 0 results in GV reverting to his sealed state. If Anthem is triggered by Kirin's defeat, GV will be fully unleashed.