Brook Pokemon Go Auto Catcher w Power Bank


Product Description

Pocket Trainer is multifunctional accessory designed for casual and hardcore Pokemon players.
 It is the most convenient product to help you to explore and catch more and more Pokemon. 
 The amazing design included compass, LED torch, power bank, and more. Bring it with you to explore the world. 
About IOS: iOS 12.0, iOS 11.X, iOS 8.X, iOS 9.X, 10.X + Pokémon go work properly.

 Device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone with Pokemon Go app installed.
Auto catch works for both Android 4.4-7.0 and IOS 8.0-12.0.
Compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more, bluetooth smart (bluetooth ver. 4.0 or higher) capability, and Android Ver.4.4-7.0 installed.

Item Features
  • Autocatch firmware is upgrade-able, Works for both Android 4.4-7.0 and IOS 8.0-12.0.
  • On-screen animation alerts, Vibration feedback to alerts you or you can simply disable vibration to conserve the battery consumption.
  • Catch all for Pokemon from Generation I to III, and Auto catch Pokemon found on wild and collect items from Pokestop/Gyms.
  • Collect in-game items, such as Pokeballs, lucky eggs, and lures.
  • Catch your Pokemon without looking your phone, You can switch auto pairing mode after pairing is successful.
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