Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX



Product Description

*Product image is for reference only, the DLC is not confirmed.

**Thai Language Downloadable on Thai Version on release date. English title sheet with a sticker that says Thai will be downloadable.


This is the canonical side story in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. The main focus in this upcoming game is the anti-hero Copen!

  • Abilities to support a wide variety of players! – “Prevasion”, which can completely nullify damage, and “Anthem”, which returns players from death in a powered-up state, are just some of the abilities which can help new players experience Luminous Avenger iX. Experienced players can enjoy scoring “Kudos” by racking up combos while avoiding damage, a thrilling way to play to challenge the game’s stages
  • Upgraded to take advantage of the newest hardware! – Your partner robot Lola transforms mid-mission! In this state, Lola brings her powerful songs directly into the game, pumping up the action! The sound and graphical effects are the most dazzling in Inti Creates history!
  • An intricate score system made for sharing! – Scores are displayed after each mission on a result card. Higher scores will display a more tricked-out card, perfect for sharing on social media for bragging rights!