Kuji SP - Broccoli Trading Card Item ~Visual Arts


Product Description

Kuji tickets purchased online (FOR DELIVERY ORDERS ONLY) will be revealed live on our Instagram (@qisahn) Stories (Mon to Sun 12 - 5 PM) to preserve the authenticity of winnings. All Instagram stories will disappear after midnight, please ensure you view your Kuji-related stories before then.

Prize A: -
Rubber play mat (1 type) - Angel Beats! "Tenshi"
Prize B: 1 Left
Wall scroll play mat (2 types)
(1) Wall scroll play mat Angel Beats! "Tenshi"
(2) Wall scroll play mat Little Busters! "Saya Tokido"
*Including plastic pipes, hanging string
Prize C: 4 Left
Deck Case Super (3 types)
(1) Deck Case Super Angel Beats! & Little Busters!
(2) Deck Case Super Angel Beats! & Harmonia
(3) Deck Case Super Angel Beats! & Charlotte
Prize D: 11 Left
Storage Card box (4 types)
(1) Card Box Angel Beats! & Little Busters!
(2) Card Box Rewrite & Charlotte
(3) Card Box Little Busters!
(4) Card Box CLANNAD
Prize E: 9 Left
Character sleeve EX (60 sleeves set) (4 types)
(1) Character sleeve EX Angel Beats! "Yui"
(2) Character sleeve EX Little Busters! "Kudryavka Noumi"
(3) Character sleeve EX Rewrite "Sizuru Nakatsu"
(4) Character sleeve EX Charlotte "Nao Tomori"

The last prize will be presented to the customer who purchased the last ticket.

In the event that a prize won is of bulky nature, additional shipping fee may apply. We will contact such cases separately.

Last update: 12 April 2018

*Prizes left will be updated every Wednesday, do check back regularly!*