Kuji - Super Mario Odyssey


Product Description

Kuji tickets purchased online (FOR DELIVERY ORDERS ONLY) will be revealed live on our Instagram (@qisahn) Stories (Mon to Sun 12 - 5 PM) to preserve the authenticity of winnings. All Instagram stories will disappear after midnight, please ensure you view your Kuji-related stories before then.

Prize A: Big Hat Cushion (0 Left)
Prize B: Captured Goomba Plushie (1 Left)
Prize C: Warp Pipe Tote Bag (2 Left)
Prize D: Mug (two types) (4 Left)
Prize E: Mini Art Plate (four types) (8 Left)
Prize F: Rubber Key Charms (eight types) (4 Left)
Prize G: 2D Illustration Towel (eight types) (8 Left)

Last One Prize (for the customer that draws the last lot): Big Cappy Cushion

The last prize will be presented to the customer who purchased the last ticket.

In the event that a prize won is of bulky nature, additional shipping fee may apply. We will contact such cases separately.

Last update: 29 January 2018

*Prizes left will be updated every Wednesday, do check back regularly!*

Last price $10.00 (19/02/2018)
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