May Q No Chikanisis (Japanese)



Product Description

RESTORE THE ROTATION OF THE STARS! When the stars in the sky have ceased their rotation the land is thrown into a blanket of perpetual darkness. Estra, a Makashi descendent of the stars, bands together with mechanical Guardians to conquer the four towers, each guarded by a Protector God, in order to re-wind the Celestial Screw and restore the rotation of the stars. Increasingly difficult challenges await in each tower, each designed to test your dungeon crawling abilities. Players are able to form parties of three characters and three guardians to take along on their dungeon expeditions. There are 5 chosen Makashi that can be used, each with their own unique attributes. The antagonists have different attributes of their own, which will most likely affect who you choose to accompany you (full list of characters). The robotic Guardians you take with you can be customized, where using different configurations can have a drastic effect on the Guardian's power.




- Game Software

- Visual book

-2 CDs (Original soundtrack and drama CD)