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"Ministry of Broadcast" embodies the spirit of classic cinematic platformers, where players need finely tuned run-and-jump reflexes as well as a healthy aversion to falling from deadly heights. To earn your freedom and reunite with your family, you must guide our hero through a series of Arenas, which are under the ever-present gaze of the Regime's electric eye. Each hazardous, decaying environment houses an array of obstacles that you must navigate—leg-shattering drops (hope you're not scared of heights), flaming trash barrels (with extra fire and extra stench), inconveniently located spike pits (naturally), dangling steel beams (watch for the rusty bits)—but all of that's nothing compared to the fates of the poor souls you'll meet along the way...

  • Run, jump, climb, and smash your way through each Arena while events unfold around you
  • Much of the story is revealed through seamlessly integrated animation sequences, environment details, or NPCs dropping bits of dialogue as you sneak, dive, and dodge around them
  • Instead of a screen cluttered with distracting indicators, mini maps, and HP bars overlaying the action, all the information the player will need is incorporated directly into the environment
  • The game's art contains important hints and clues, so players will need a keen eye if they want to get through each Arena unscathed
  • You'll need to use your wits, and sometimes a dash of ruthlessness, to advance through each deadly Arena
  • Much of the puzzle-solving requires you to interact directly with the environment; use your momentum to shift platforms, find and flip the right levers, and possibly sacrifice an NPC or two on your journey
  • The game features a heavy dose of impish humor, grade-A sarcasm, and comic mischief, balanced against the dark, heavy themes of a thoroughly dystopian world
  • For one player

Language: English

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