Nintendo Switch Lite Console


Product Description

Battery Life: 3 hrs to 7 hrs

Nintendo Switch Lite is a compact, lightweight addition to the Nintendo Switch family, with integrated controls. It is designed specifically for handheld play, so you can jump into your favourite games wherever you happen to be.

Nintendo Switch Lite supports all Nintendo Switch software that can be played in handheld mode. It’s great for people who have lots of opportunities to play outside, and also for anyone who wants to play online or local wireless multiplayer with friends or family who already own a flagship Nintendo Switch console. As a dedicated handheld gaming device, Nintendo Switch Lite does not support output to a TV.

Size: 91.1mm x 208mm x 13.9mm (Please note: 28.4mm at the thickest, from the tips of the analogue sticks to the ZL/ZR button protrusions)
Weight: 275g approx
Screen: Capacitive touch screen
Size: 14cm approx, 1280 x 720 resolution
Battery life: can last >6 hours, but will vary depending on software and usage conditions; eg. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be played for ~4hrs on a single charge
Does not support output to TV and is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch dock.
Does not include HR rumble or IR Motion Camera

Standard Items in the Box:
Nintendo Switch Lite Standalone Console
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter (3 months warranty)