Nobunaga's Ambition: Taishi


Product Description

  • Over 2000 officers will have Free quests
  • Players will revisit scenes based on history, local folklore, and Legend. If you clear all the quests of a given character, you will receive bonus abilities for that character
  • By shining a light on the experiences of that period that have been carved into history, & on episodes from the lives of officers, we create a historical drama and make the period more real and close.

Marking the series' 35th anniversary, Nobunaga's Ambition: Taishi remains true to the long-running franchise's historical simulation gameplay, allowing players to relive some of the most epic battles and notable events of the Sengoku Era in Japan. The Sengoku Era was a period where regional lords fiercely fought for supremacy, to claim dominance and unite the lands. Players will have to exploit a wide breadth of tactical options to create fresh strategies that allow new ways to gain an advantage over the opponent. Strategies do not only focus on the Military Campaigns, but also on managing the Production Facilities and Trade Routes to continuously expand territory and increase the strength of the army.

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