Qisahn.com Favori HDMI cable



Product Description

Works with PS4 Consoles, Xbox One Consoles, Nintendo Switch Consoles.

We manufactured these ourselves and this is our favourite HDMI cable. The cables are of HDMI 1.4 standard and they come with a lifetime warranty by us. The length is 1.8 metres (6 feet).

HDMI version 1.4 cables are required to support 3D TV. 3D TV needs about 70% more bandwidth than HD TV as it projects 2 images onto the TV simultaneously, one for each eye. HDMI 1.4 also comes with Ethernet support, though the current PS3 hardware will not support Ethernet via HDMI.

Do not believe when generic manufacturers claim their HDMI cables support version 1.4. They may be cheaper but you cannot really be sure of their claims as it is impossible to tell them apart physically.

Don't waste money on "branded" cables either. You can coat your cable with gold and diamonds, but version 1.4 is still the highest standard. Our cables meet this standard and will not perform any way worse than another version 1.4 cable."