Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection



Product Description

Language: English, Japanese, Traditional & Simplified Chinese

SAMURAI SHODOWN released on the NEOGEO in 1993, followed by its sequel SAMURAI SHODOWN II in 1994, and the series became a trilogy in 1995 with SAMURAI SHODOWN III. Soon after SAMURAI SHODOWN IV AMAKUSA’S REVENGE came in 1996, and seven years later SAMURAI SHODOWN V was released in 2003, with SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL releasing the following year in 2004. Never before released to the public, SAMURAI SHODOWN V PERFECT is a mysterious final version of SAMURAI SHODOWN V that is the stuff of legends to SNK fans. Players can select between either Japanese or English MVS arcade versions for each title. Additionally, there are features such as scanlines for that retro flair, save functions, and arcade mode can even be set to FREE MODE meaning no more game overs!

The collection will also feature a museum that contains goodies like art, interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and even professional match videos. For those more musically inclined, the included player has a tracklist featuring over 200 songs.

7 Games in 1 :
Samurai Shodown 
Samurai Shodown II 
Samurai Shodown III
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge came 
Samurai Shodown V 
Samurai Shodown V Special
Samurai Shodown V Perfect