The Bluecoat: North & South



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The player turn is divided as follow:

- Train is moving from fort to fort carrying gold that adds-up to the player’s current stack of gold.
  •  If an enemy battalion is standing on the train path it will trigger the train attack/defense game phase. If the attacker seizes control of the train, the gold will be granted to him

- Strategic phase: the player moves its units on the squared map, can purchase fresh battalions or strategic bonuses in the shop using gold received from controlled forts.
  • If a battalion enters an enemy-controlled territory, it will trigger a Battle phase.
  • If a battalion tries to move to a territory where an allied battalion already stands, the player will be given the choice to merge the two, resulting in a stronger battalion.
  • Purchased battalions can be placed on any empty allied territory
  • Newly deployed battalions can move the same turn they arrived

End of turn: the storm moves. Probability that Native American / Mexicans attack a battalion.

- Battle phase: Union & Confederate armies clash in a real time battle. Each side are using the same units:
  •  1 infantry squad
  •  1 cavalry squad
  •  2 canon squads
The battle ends when one army has been destroyed or has retreated from the battlefield.
The winner of the battle gains/maintains control of the assaulted State.

- Forts attacks/defenses:
  • The players must eliminate enemies to seize or maintain control of the fort. This phase is played in FPS view.

- Train attacks/defenses:
  • The players must eliminate enemies to seize or maintain control of the train. This phase is played in FPS view. In attack mode, the player has to progress on the train’s roof.
  • 4 different gameplay genres:
  • Tactical map
  • Real time battles
  • Fort attack/defense
  • Train attack/defense

Customizable experience: set the starting year that will influence the available resources and starting positions; turn tactical map features on and off.

2 players mode in which battle phases are auto resolved
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