Toki Tori 2+


Product Description

Five Ancient Frogs, scattered across the countryside, send a telepathic message to Toki Tori. It’s hard to see how this young chicken could help them destroy the floating crystal endangering everything… but he’s their only hope.    

Toki Tori 2+ may look cute, but it’s a challenging puzzle adventure game. Whistle and stomp are the only moves you need to solve increasingly complex puzzles, as you manipulate strange critters’ behaviour and go anywhere, anytime on a lush forest island.

  • A unique take on the Metroidvania formula: progress by exploring, observing and experimenting  
  • Find the Ancient Frogs and destroy the crystal at the heart of the island  
  • Whistle songs for special abilities, including rewind and fast travel  
  • Use the in-game camera and snap creature pictures to complete the Tokidex  
  • Push the game’s mechanics to their limits to get 15 achievements and 100s of golden wings
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