Usotsuki Hime to Moumoku Ouji (Chinese)


Product Description

  • A Tender Story that Interweaves Monster and Man - In Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, you can enjoy a dramatic and tender story that interweaves monster and man. Whether its visuals that appear to be a fusion of a game and picture book, event scenes recited by voice actors, or page-turning production, Liar Princess and the Blind Prince comes up with ways to make you feel like you are reading a story at every turn
  • Warm, Analogue-Tone Graphics - One of the characteristics of this game is its pen-drawn analogue-tone graphics. Many of the elements that make up the screen, including characters, stages, and the UI, are hand-drawn by designers. During action parts, you can enjoy shadows expressed through cross-hatching, multiple scrolling for a better sense of the forest’s depth, soft light textures, and more. During story parts, you can enjoy illustrations depicted in analogue
  • Solve Puzzles and Head for the Witch’s House in the Depths of the Forest - Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is a stage clear-type action game. Players will use the abilities of the monster, who has strong legs and sharp claws, and princess, who has a small body and is good with her hands, to solve puzzles and guide the NPC prince while aiming for the goal
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