Winter's Wish: Spirits of Edo



Product Description

​The first year of the Kyoho era.
The land was ruled by the eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune.

In the town of Edo, there were many repeated incidents caused by monsters, and the townspeople are being anxious and dissatisfied by it.

Tokugawa shogunate established the “Oniwaban” an organization to maintain public order and secured the town.

Then the seasons passed—to year 11 of the Kyoho era.

A girl with a special power lived in a village far from Edo. Wherever she sees a "black thread", there will be a catastrophe. The villagers are disturbed and drove her away into the snowy mountains.

A young man named Oniwaban appeared before her.

This is a story in which the girl encounters "non-humans," and learns about love.